Quality versus Quantity Real Estate

Originally Broadcast October 2017


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Has anyone ever told you that “Success in real estate is a numbers game?” That the more people you ______________________, the more successful you will be? (Get your mind out of the gutter).

Well, sexual innuendo aside, we don’t think that way around here. In fact, we think just the opposite. No, not that hiding out in your home avoiding other people is the secret to success, but rather that taking a Quality over Quantity approach to your business development is a far more productive use of your time, money and entrepreneurial energy.

Sure, the Numbers Game philosophy can, and does work for many. Plenty of real estate agents credit their success to making 100’s of cold calls, dozens of warm calls, mailing out 1,000’s of postcards and going on 2.5 listing appointments every day.

But that sounds… kind of exhausting, doesn’t it? Kind of expensive? And, frankly, not much fun?

Rest easy. You don’t have to play the Numbers Game if you don’t want to. In this next SWS show, I’ll share at least ten ways to generate good business for yourself, and never treat anyone like a Number in your Game.

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