The 2020 Joy of Transaction Checklists for Real Estate Agents Intensive Live Online Workshop – We Begin Monday!

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Ahhhhh…is there anything more exciting than a checklist?! A transaction checklist even?!

Actually…good checklists can change your career as a real estate professional, and therefore, change your life. And once you have great checklists in place, you’ll wonder how you ever provided Exceptional (not to mention refer-worthy) service without them.

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Transaction Checklists for Fun & Profit! INTENSIVE Live Online Workshop Begins Monday, October 26th

Ahhhhh…is there anything more exciting than a checklist?! A transaction checklist even?!

Actually…good checklists can change your career as a real estate professional, and therefore, change your life. And once you have great checklists in place, you’ll wonder how you ever provided Exceptional (not to mention refer-worthy) service without them.

So, what, exactly IS a checklist?
A checklist is a list of all the activities that need to be handled during the course of a transaction, listed in the order in which they need to be done. For example, when you take a new listing, there are things that need to be done prior to your listing going onto the MLS, things that need to be done on the day your listing goes onto the MLS, in that first week, the following week, etc. When your buyer goes under contract, there are things you’ll need to do that day, the next day and the day after that, as well as in the days leading up to closing.

What’s So Great About Checklists?
In multiple surveys of the Sell with Soul readership, the majority of responders confessed that they do not use checklists on a regular basis in their real estate businesses. Well now, THAT needs to change! If a real estate agent has any business going on at all, she absolutely needs to be using a checklist each and every time she gets a listing, puts a listing under contract and/or puts a buyer under contract. And not just any old checklist, no, she needs customized checklists created specifically for her business model, office policies and local customs.

I will go so far as to say that a real estate agent who is not consistently using checklists in her business is not providing the level of service she could be… or should be… and will struggle to achieve the level of success she aspires to.

The good news is that creating custom checklists isn’t particularly difficult to do; in fact, if you are a list-making kinda guy or gal, it’s actually a lot of fun! But even if it doesn’t sound like the most fun thing you’ve ever heard of, it must be done. So, please join us for this one-of-a-kind Live Workshop to help you create your own personalized checklists!

How Does a INTENSIVE Live Online Workshop Work?

This Workshop will be different from any Workshop ever held at SWS before. Instead of a 3-week, 4-week or 8-week program, we’re going to do it in THREE DAYS. Yes, THREE DAYS.

Don’t panic. (Too late?)

The three days will be spread out over a week and you have plenty of time to schedule those days “off” to attend. And yes, you probably should plan to take the time completely off, although there will be several breaks during the THREE DAYS for you to refresh your mind (and your coffee).

The Schedule

  • The Workshop begins on Monday, October 26th at 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern. We will work together the next six hours.
  • We will continue on Wednesday, October 28th, same time, same duration.
  • And we will conclude on Friday, October 30th.

As with all SWS Live Workshops, you will attend online in the comfort of your home or office. But the material will all be “live” – that is – I will be leading the Workshop right along with you and will be immediately available for questions and guidance.

We will communicate throughout the Workshop via email, via video-conference and in a private Facebook group.

At the end of the Workshop, you will receive a digital package of all material included in the Workshop so you will be able to refer back in the future.

What’s Included in the Workshop?

  • Three Full Days of Lessons provided via Zoom Video Conference Meetings;
  • Recordings of All Meetings Provided Afterwards;
  • Real World, Hands on Assignments to be Completed Immediately;
  • The “Creating Transaction Checklists” Workbook;
  • Membership in the Private “Creating Transaction Checklists” Group on Facebook
  • BONUS Sphere of Influence BRAIN BREAK Assignments
  • BONUS Using Checklists in Your Business-Building Plan
  • BONUS The Exceptional Real Estate Agent book (in digital format)

Is the Creating Transaction Checklists Live Workshop Right for You?

Probably! I firmly believe that every real estate agent on the planet who has any business at all… or wants to have business at all… must create and use personalized transaction checklists each and every time he opens a transaction. If you already do this (BRAVO!) perhaps you don’t need this Workshop, although there is always room for improvement.

How much time will the Workshop take out of your day? We are still in the planning phase but count on devoting 6 hours for three days to the Workshop. But don’t fret, those six hours won’t be all spent sitting at your computer listening to me lecture.

Equipment Needed to Participate

Ideally, all participants will already have or be willing to sign up for a real estate-specific contact management system like IXACT Contact or Top Producer. However, it is possible to create your transaction checklists using spreadsheet software or even a legal pad or spiral notebook. However for demonstration purposes during the Workshop we will be using IXACT Contact. If you would like a free trial of IXACT Contact to use for the Workshop, just go here: No long-term contract required and if you are in your first year of licensure, you can extend the 60-day trial to six months.

Otherwise, you will need to be able to attend video-conferences via Zoom or Facebook Live.

What Happens Next?

If you’re ready to enroll in the Workshop, go ahead and purchase it here. You’ll receive further instructions and details as we get closer to our kick-off date! Enroll with confidence – like everything at SWS, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Reviews from Recent SWS Live Online Workshops

“I LOVED this workshop!! Actually, I truly enjoy AND learn so much from ALL of your workshops!! You have helped me to love real estate once again!! So…a HUGE thanks for everything!!”

“This was great! Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this workshop. It shows and I’m grateful!”

“GREAT Workshop! I received a lot of good information. For the first time ever, I actually have a STRATEGY!”

“The Workshop helped me understand the objective and how to get there.”

“I think we were severely undercharged based on the volume and quality of content we received. Thank you for the dedication and caring you put into it.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop!! Other than spacing it out (not every day) I think it is perfect the way it is.”

“Thank you! This was amazing content. I don’t believe I’d have a clue how to do anything if I didn’t have these workshops.”

“Well done Jennifer & Deb…great job and worth the value…”

“Loved the workshop and the new format.”

“I’ve really enjoyed these sessions light but, informative. And, for me feels more like the real way to sell real estate. Very relationship driven not pushy and dramatic.  The Workshop helped solidify that I can do it.”

“Thank you and I look forward to the next Workshop!!!”

“It was informative and even motivating! Thank you.”

“I enjoyed the workshop – especially during this time of <COVID-19> isolation. I plan on reviewing the discussions again. Most helpful and insightful was Jennifer’s sharing of the words she used to describe her work ethic, work systems and her philosophy on client service.”

“I think the daily homework was great. The daily reminder / assignment emails were wonderful for Ease of Operation. The number of emails at the beginning was overwhelming, and the weekend with several emails got confusing. I may have dropped a homework ball or two there. All in all, I’m very pleased with the workshop.”

“I loved this workshop. I have done many similar exercises over the years but having dedicated 3 weeks at once and applying a SWS attitude has been extremely helpful. Thank you, Jennifer.”