Club SWS 2020 Annual Membership

$599.40 $419.40 / year

Club SWS 2020 is where the magic is going to happen in 2020 and beyond.

PLEASE NOTE: The purchase of a Club SWS membership must be completed as a separate transaction. Why? Because members get discounts on other products and we want you to save $$$$. So, becoming a member first opens up great buying opportunities.


Club SWS 2020 – What’s it all about?

Club SWS 2020 is the place at Sell with Soul where the magic is going to happen in 2020 and beyond.

Historically, the raison d’être of Club SWS has been to provide members with access to the edited audio recordings of the dozens of teleseminar sessions held in the SWS Virtual Studio since 2010. There were other nice benefits of membership, but access to those recordings was the primary reason members joined.

But in 2020 we are upping the ante. We are making Club SWS 2020 so much more than just a teleseminar recording delivery system. Yes, the recordings are still a great benefit of membership, but there is oh, so much more.

More?? Like what? How about…

  • FREE access to monthly live video webinars of high interest to real estate agents who Sell with Soul, including a Q&A session;
  • FREE access to the recordings of all video webinars;
  • FREE ENTRANCE to most SWS 21-Day Live Online Workshops, held 4-5 times per year (annual memberships only);
  • FREE access to Searchable Soul Premium – the searchable archive of SWS teleseminar audio recordings from 2010-2019;
  • FREE access to the Sell with Soul Sphere of Influence Mass Email Archive
  • FREE access to the Sell with Soul Newsletter Archive
  • FREE digital copy of Prospect with Soul (in .pdf format)
  • Membership in the private Club SWS Facebook group;
  • 20% off most products in the Sell with Soul Store;
  • 50% off one product every quarter.

You have the option of enrolling month-to-month, semi-annually (six months) or annually. The annual membership is by far the best deal!







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