Prospect with Soul for Real Estate Agents


The third book in the “Soul” Series! Discover the perfect prospecting strategies for wonderful, extraordinary, one-of-a-kind YOU. You don’t have to follow the crowd (over the cliff) to succeed in real estate; you CAN do it YOUR way…

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Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it…unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”
Buddha (mid-5th century BC)

Trust Your Gut.”
Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn, GRI (early 21st century)
It’s such a simple concept, but one so often dismissed in the real estate training industry…trusting your gut instincts, even when prospecting for business. Strike that; especially when prospecting for business.
In this third book of the “Soul” series, Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn helps new and experienced real estate agents discover the perfect mix of prospecting strategies that best suits their unique personalities, strengths and goals. She accomplishes this NOT by insisting that they venture out of their comfort zones and implement strategies that feel unnatural (or even “icky”), but rather by following the Golden Rule of Prospecting: Prospect Unto Others as You Would Like to Be Prospected Unto.
In Prospect with Soul for Real Estate Agents, Jennifer examines more than a dozen Old School traditional prospecting methods and shows you how to “soulfully” tweak them to better apply and appeal to today’s real estate consumer. 
With specific tips and guidelines, Jennifer shows you how to apply soulful principles to:
  • get more business and referrals from your friends without begging or bribing them to work with you
  • expand your sphere of influence by simply being pleasant to people
  • inspire open house visitors to offer their contact information instead of tricking them into giving it up
  • stay in touch without becoming a nuisance or spending a fortune
  • establish rapport with floor callers, sign callers and Internet leads
  • become known as a specialist in your neighborhood of choice
  • approach FSBOs and Expired Listings without fear of rejection
  • …and much more, including blogging, social media and geographic farming

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