Sell with Soul was born in late 2007 with the release of the first edition of the flagship book, Sell with Soul: Creating an Extraordinary Career in Real Estate without Losing Your Friends, Your Principles or Your Self-Respect.

Through the years, the SWS message has grown and spread, and has attracted a fanatically loyal following of real estate agents who believe that a career in real estate is something to be proud of. Agents who believe that our first priority is to our current clients who have honored us with their business, not our future clients who need to be prospected to. Agents who want to be the Best Thing to Happen to their Clients, perhaps even the Best Real Estate Agent They Know.

Sell with Soul’s mission has always been to assure these SWS-minded agents that they CAN succeed without selling their souls to do so, and to provide the resources they need to do just that. And we feel we have accomplished our mission, more or less… BUT…

…as time has marched on, the products, services and resources created in SWS’s early days have become… well… a bit dated. A bit stagnant. Not that the message has changed (much), but it’s time for a complete renovation of All Things Sell with Soul.

And what better time to do that than as we enter into a new decade?!

With That, I Welcome You to Sell with Soul 2020

Throughout the year, we will be renovating and re-launching almost everything here at SWS. And adding some new things. Our ultimate goal in everything we are doing is to answer the question: “Can I succeed in real estate without selling my soul?” with a resounding “YES, you CAN!

And we will show you how.


Details will unfold throughout the year, but here is a semi-comprehensive list of what’s on deck:

    • Kick Off the Year with the SOI-Builder 21-Day Adventure; SCHEDULED!
    • Video Webinars Will Replace Audio Teleseminars; DONE!
    • Sell with Soul Podcast / YouTube Channel;
    • One-on-One Video Coaching;
    • New & Dramatically Improved Club SWS; ALMOST DONE!
    • Intensive 3-Day Virtual Workshops;
    • Exceptional Agent Courses Updated & Moved to a Better Platform; IN PROGRESS!
    • ACRE Program Course Updated & Moved; DONE!
    • Searchable Soul Premium (Searchable Archive of 10 Years of Teleseminar Recordings); DONE!
    • All New Outrageously Effective Listing Agent Package;
    • Sell with Soul Member Locator Map Updated & Relaunched;
    • Broker-Level New Agent Training Program;
    • Sell with Soul Live Events!

UPDATE January 14th, 2020

As of January 14th, here’s what we’ve accomplished!

  • Four SWSUniversity courses have been fully renovated, updated and moved to the new platform. Prior purchasers of the courses have access to the new courses in their SWS Account.
  • The new Club SWS program is almost ready to launch. Existing Club SWS members will have the option to convert their current membership or retain it until the end of their paid term.
  • The SWS Virtual Studio calendar of events is loaded up through the end of February.
  • The first SWS Live Online Workshop is scheduled to begin February 10th.
  • Searchable Soul Premium is ready to launch;
  • The SWS YouTube Channel is loaded up and ready to launch.