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SOI with SOUL Holiday Edition – SWS Live Online Workshop We Begin November 30

November 30

Final SWS Live Online Workshop of 2020 – Just In Time for the Holidays!

Seriously, Jennifer? Yet another Live Online Workshop in 2020 — and over the holidays? Are you nuts? Do you really think anyone has TIME to do yet another Workshop during this busy, chaotic time of year?

Absolutely! Because this Workshop was created to take advantage of the holiday season to actually help you stay on track and do what you need to do to set yourself up for a successful 2021 – without losing ground (or momentum) during that afore-mentioned busy holiday season.

And don’t fret – this Workshop will be low-octane, easily doable and FUN. No projects, no soul-searching, not even any real homework. Just daily inspirations and suggestions of things you can do – every day – to make your holiday activities work double-duty for you in your SWS-style Sphere of Influence (SOI) business.

Sound FUN?

What to Expect from the “SOI with SOUL Holiday Edition” Live Online Workshop

Simply put, this Workshop will be EASY, DOABLE and FUN.

Every week day for three weeks, participants will receive an easy assignment or two created to help them get out in the world, inspiring the people they find out there to think positively of them. Friends, but also strangers. The goal of each assignment isn’t to push your business card on anyone, but rather to put you in positions to reconnect with people you know and to make the acquaintance of new people, some of whom may become people you know.

All during the rush and hubbub of the holiday season.

Are you an introvert? Then this Workshop is even MORE perfect for you! Because all of the assignments were created by one of those (an introvert), all (or at least most) will be comfortable for you. No pushy, cheesy, ridiculous nonsense required. If any assignment falls outside your comfort zone, just ignore it. You have my full blessing.

How Does a Live Online Workshop Work?

By “Live Online Workshop” we mean that the program will begin on a certain date and all participants will gather together ONLINE and work through the material together. It does not mean you have to travel anywhere to attend :-).

We will communicate throughout the Workshop via email, via video-conference and in a private Facebook group. Recordings of the video conference meetings will be provided immediately afterwards.

At the end of the Workshop, you will receive a digital package of all material included in the Workshop so you will be able to refer back in the future.

What’s Included in the Workshop?

  • Daily Emailed Lessons & Assignments;
  • Multiple Video-Conference Meetings with Opportunity for Q&A;
  • Recordings of All Meetings Provided Immediately:
  • The “SOI with SOUL Holiday Edition” Workbook (provided at the end of the program);
  • Membership in the Private “SOI with SOUL Holiday Edition” Group on Facebook;
  • The “SOI with SOUL Holiday Edition” Resource Library
  • Access to Jennifer Hagedorn throughout the Workshop.

Who’s In Charge Here?

The Workshop will be led by Jennifer Allan Hagedorn, author of Sell with Soul and six other books for real estate agents. Deb Odom Stern will co-host.

Is the Workshop Right for You?

It’s hard to imagine that this Workshop would be WRONG for anyone. There is always room for improvement in one’s SOI nurturing activities and that’s exactly what this program is about. I suppose if you will be off the grid during the month of December (cruising in the Caribbean?) then it’s not the right timing, but otherwise? Yep… it’s right for YOU!

What Happens Now?

If you’re ready to commit to the Workshop, go ahead and purchase it now. The start date is tentatively planned for November 30th 2020, although early bird enrollees might find themselves with some BONUS material to get started on. As we get closer to the start date, you will receive more information, including your pre-work. Remember, annual members of the new Club SWS get in FREE!

Reviews from Recent SWS Live Online Workshops

“I LOVED this workshop!! Actually, I truly enjoy AND learn so much from ALL of your workshops!! You have helped me to love real estate once again!! So…a HUGE thanks for everything!!”

“This was great! Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this workshop. It shows and I’m grateful!”

“GREAT Workshop! I received a lot of good information. For the first time ever, I actually have a STRATEGY!”

“The Workshop helped me understand the objective and how to get there.”

“I think we were severely undercharged based on the volume and quality of content we received. Thank you for the dedication and caring you put into it.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop!! Other than spacing it out (not every day) I think it is perfect the way it is.”

“Thank you! This was amazing content. I don’t believe I’d have a clue how to do anything if I didn’t have these workshops.”

“Well done Jennifer & Deb…great job and worth the value…”

“Loved the workshop and the new format.”

“I’ve really enjoyed these sessions light but, informative. And, for me feels more like the real way to sell real estate. Very relationship driven not pushy and dramatic.  The Workshop helped solidify that I can do it.”

“Thank you and I look forward to the next Workshop!!!”

“It was informative and even motivating! Thank you.”

“I enjoyed the workshop – especially during this time of <COVID-19> isolation. I plan on reviewing the discussions again. Most helpful and insightful was Jennifer’s sharing of the words she used to describe her work ethic, work systems and her philosophy on client service.”

“I think the daily homework was great. The daily reminder / assignment emails were wonderful for Ease of Operation. The number of emails at the beginning was overwhelming, and the weekend with several emails got confusing. I may have dropped a homework ball or two there. All in all, I’m very pleased with the workshop.”

“I loved this workshop. I have done many similar exercises over the years but having dedicated 3 weeks at once and applying a SWS attitude has been extremely helpful. Thank you, Jennifer.”


Live Online Workshop


Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn


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