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Ask Me Anything (About Listings) – a free SWS video webinar

January 16 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Ask Jennifer – The 2020 Best of WWJAHD Series Begins!


Since 2013, the Sell with Soul Virtual Studio has been home to more than a dozen “WWJAHD” teleseminar shows where I’ve answered questions from the audience on what, exactly, Jennifer Allan Hagedorn (author of Sell with Soul) Would Do with this or that situation, dilemma or conundrum.

(WWJAHD = What Would Jennifer Allan Hagedorn Do?)

In keeping with SWS’s foray into video, we thought it would be Big Fun to choose the best questions from the shows and answer them on video! And even more fun to categorize the shows into topics and focus on that one topic per show.

So that’s what we’re going to do. For the first few months of 2020, the Sell with Soul Virtual Studio will host this “Best of” series from past WWJAHD shows, each with a specific topic du jour.

This first session will be all about being an Exceptional Listing Agent. I will answer at least ten burning questions about managing listing situations, dilemmas and conundrums, such as:

  • “My seller wants a listing exclusion for a particular buyer. How do I handle that?”
  • “I recently lost a listing for two reasons – one, I didn’t back down on my commission and two, I wouldn’t agree to overprice the home. The agent who won the listing did both – came down on her fee and priced the home $25,000 over what I felt was reasonable. What should I have done?”
  • I read in SWS about your experience with two listings that sold in bidding wars, and that the sellers in both situations were upset with you that you had underpriced the home. That never occurred to me so now I’m nervous about holding firm on my pricing recommendation, just in case. Suggestions?”
  • “I have an upcoming listing that needs work but the seller doesn’t want to do it. He wants me to offer an allowance instead. What would you advise?”
  • “I have a listing that backs up to a busy road. Should I disclose this in my marketing? Or maybe pre-screen buyers to make sure they know? My sellers are getting tired of all the showing feedback that it’s too busy.”
  • “How do I nurture a long-term seller and keep them loyal to me?”
  • “What’s the best way to get Showing Feedback from buyer agents?”
  • “Do you think pre-listing packages are effective and if so, what goes into them?”
  • “I am currently talking with a potential seller who is considering going FSBO. Here’s how I responded, but I was curious how you would have responded. I told her that we, as realtors, receive a lot of education over the year to keep up with the states’s changing policies and regulations. Also, that a person selling their home FSBO, doesn’t have a good way to prequalify buyers. A realtor does that when they first talk to a Buyer, and we often have talked to their lender as well. I also stressed that she would be letting all types of people into her home to view it, thus potentially setting her up for a unsafe situation. How would you have responded?”
  • “My listing has gotten a ton of showings but no offers. What should I do?”
  • “I have a listing that hasn’t sold in two months. Is it time for the price reduction conversation?”

So there you have the list of questions I’m planning to respond to BUT if you have a question that isn’t on my list, suggest it to me! If I like your question better than mine, I’ll use it instead of one I prepared. Or if time permits, I’ll just add it in. So, if you have a burning question about being an outrageously effective listing agent, let me know!

But wait… there’s more!

These webinars will work double-duty in that after the show I will be chunking each subject into 3-5 minute videos and using them to launch the SWS YouTube channel. Which will include any questions I answer from the audience on each topic. So you could be a part of SWS history…

Date: Thursday, January 16th, 2020
Time: 7:30am Pacific / 8:30am Mountain / 9:30am Central / 10:30am Eastern
Duration: 60-75 minutes
Format: Webinar video (will need to download software ahead of time)
Cost: Free to attend live





January 16
10:30 am - 11:30 AM EST
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Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn


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