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What is Club SWS?logo

Club SWS is the one-of-a-kind Members Only spot for real estate agents who Sell with Soul. Yep, there’s a fee to join, and if I were a cheesy salesperson, I’d break it down for you into some ridiculous cost-per-minute or compare it to the cost of a daily cup of coffee, but we’re so not into that. Neither are you, and since we believe in being upfront about such things – here’s the deal. You can join for as low as $34.95 per month.

Why join the Club? Oh, let us count the reasons…

  • Club SWS’ers are eligible to enroll in SWS Workshops at a steep discount (as much as 100% off!);
  • Club SWS’ers have access to both audio-only and video versions of public SWS video webinars;
  • Club SWS’ers have access to .mp3 recordings of all public SWS teleseminars shows since 2010;
  • Club SWS’ers have access to the all-new Searchable Soul Premium;
  • Club SWS’ers can enroll in a “Blasts from the Past” weekly email program;
  • Club SWS’ers can join the private SWS Clubhouse on Facebook;
  • Club SWS’ers get 20% off any item in the SWS Store; 365 days a year;
  • Club SWS’ers have access to the SWS Newsletter archive;
  • Club SWS’ers have access to the SOI Mass Email Archive;

Ready to join? Just click the tab on the left JOIN NOW! It’s simple; select your billing option and click “SIGN UP NOW.”

See you at the Club!

All of this for as little at $34.95/month?

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This Month at Club SWS

Wondering what, specifically, membership in Club SWS will get you this month?
Well, wonder no more! Here’s what your membership fee includes:

Downloadable Recordings of Recent SWS Video Webinars

  • Giving to Get in 2021
  • SOI’ing in the Age of COVID
  • Time Management for Real Estate Agents
  • The Joy of Transaction Checklists
  • The Fine Art of the Follow-up
  • Make More Money without Working Harder
  • 20 Ways to Make (or miss out on) $100k
  • The Art of the Yay, Me
  • Do You Have to List to Last in Real Estate?
  • Seven Deadly Objections to SOI
  • The Best Way to Ask for Referrals (Don’t)
  • From Zero to $14M in Three Years
  • Give Me a Call! Call Reluctance for Real Estate Agents
  • Ask Me Anything About Your SOI
  • Building the Perfect Listing Presentation
  • Ten Stupid Things Real Estate Agents Do To Mess Up Their Careers
  • Ask Me Anything (For New Agents) – The Best of WWJAHD Series
  • Ask Me Anything (For Introverts) – The Best of WWJAHD Series
  • Ask Me Anything (About Buyers) – The Best of WWJAHD Series
  • Ask Me Anything (About Listings) – The Best of WWJAHD Series Begins
  • Do THIS and Your Life Will Change TODAY (video webinar)
  • Ten (Very) Simple New Year’s Resolutions (SWS’s first ever video webinar!)
  • Check out the Calendar of Upcoming Events to see what’s on deck

Discounted Registration to the next Sell with Soul Live Online Workshop

  • The Next Workshop Begins in February 2021!

Downloadable Audio Recordings of 2019 SWS Teleseminars

  • The Sensitive Seller
  • How to Ensure Loyalty from Your SOI
  • The Magic of Groups 1 and 2
  • Are You the Best Listing Agent You Know?
  • Having the Talk about Real Estate Commissions
  • What is One Thing You Can Do Today to Find a New Client?
  • How to Talk About Real Estate
  • How and Why to Set Reasonable Expectations with Clients
  • The Magic of Groups 1 and 2
  • $20M or Bust!
  • Surviving the Inspection Parts 1 & 2
  • Antenna UP for Follow UP
  • Pipeline 2019 – What to Do TODAY to Ensure a Bright Next Year
  • Stress Reduction for Real Estate Agents
  • + Free Access to recordings of all public SWS Teleseminars since mid-2010.

Access to Searchable Soul Premium!

  • 12+ years of Sell with Soul wisdom, tagged, categorized and SEARCHABLE

Standing Discount!

  • Get 20% off anything (and everything) in the SWS Store 365 days a year (including sale items!)

NEW Feature!

  • Members can enroll in a “Blasts from the Past” series and receive weekly emails with links to recordings of the Best of SWS Shows from the past.

The SWS Newsletter Archive

  • Peruse nearly ten year’s worth of SWS newsletters – there’s good stuff in there!

Sample SOI Mass-Emails

  • A collection of Jennifer’s real-world SOI emails through the years to give you inspiration for your own SOI mass email campaign.

The SWS Clubhouse on Facebook!

  • Members of Club SWS have a place to hang out in on Facebook to chat with other devoted SWS’ers in a private setting.

Here is the tentative schedule of Upcoming SWS Live Online Workshops

Annual members of Club SWS enroll for FREE. semi-annual members get 50% off the price and month-to-month members get 20% off the price.

Raising Your Bar for Listings – Scheduled for February 2021

SOI with SOUL Creating Your SOI Business Plan – Scheduled for Mid-2021

Claiming Your Territory Live Online Workshop – Date TBD

Real Estate Consulting – Is It Right For You? Live Online Workshop – Date TBD

A Day in the Life of a Successful Real Estate Agent Live Online Workshop – Date TBD

Selling WITH Soul WITH Friends Live Online Workshop – Date TBD

NOTE: You must be an active member of Club SWS on the date the Workshop begins for free or discounted access.