About the Accredited Consultant in Real Estate® (ACRE)
Program and Certification

What IS a Real Estate Consultant, exactly?

Let us tell you about it! A Real Estate Consultant is a real estate practitioner who believes in offering real estate consumers transparent CHOICES when it comes to the services they receive and how they pay for those services. A Real Estate Consultant recognizes that the traditional real estate compensation structure of being paid a contingent fee based on the sales price of the product they “sell” does not always serve the best interests of the buyer or seller, nor, for that matter, the best interests of the real estate practitioner.

A Real Estate Consultant also realizes that not all real estate consumers need (or want to pay for) the “full package” of services that our industry typically offers, and therefore offers alternative products and services to better fit the needs of each individual client. And finally, because a Real Estate Consultant has the desire and ability to customize both his or her offerings and fees, he (or she) enjoys far more opportunities to serve the real estate needs of the consumers in his (or her) community! (More Services + More Potential Clients = More Income Potential!)

There’s more, so much more, but that’s the gist of it.

Sounds interesting. So what’s the ACRE Certification all about and how do I get myself one?

The ACRE course and certification is a hands-on module-based program that walks you through the philosophy and process of incorporating real estate consulting into your own real estate practice. Upon completion of the program, you’ll have a business plan in place to begin promoting your real estate consulting services to your community, either in place of or in addition to the services and compensation structures you already offer. There’s nothing in the ACRE rule book that says you have to discontinue providing traditional real estate services paid by contingent commissions; in fact, many ACREs find that by offering choices to their clients in the services they receive and how they pay for them that their clients have a far better understanding of why our fees are what they are… and are far less likely to try to negotiate those fees.

Okay, sign me up. How do I do that?

Easy! Just go here and enroll!

Or, if you need more information about what ACRE is all about, visit our website: and join our interest list, below: