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Searchable Soul was created for the “sole” purpose of making it easier for you (and me, for that matter) to search for soulful stuff – that is – blogs and articles I’ve written since 2007 about selling real estate with soul, plus other special places here at that provide useful information.

So you’ll notice there’s not much fluff here – no advertising, no links to other products or services, no “follow me at’s.” Just Searchable… Soul.

Interested in the SWS approach to creating a listing presentation? Check out the “Working with Sellers” category or the “Listing Presentation” tag. Need soulful advice on sending out newsletters? Just SEARCH for the term “newsletter” or click the “Newsletters & DooDads” tag. Need some ideas on reaching out to your Sphere of Influence? Explore the “Prospecting & Sphere of Influence” category!

Or, if there is a topic you’re searching for and aren’t sure what category or tag it might fall under, just use the Search box. For example, you can do a search for the word “family” to see what’s been written about working with family. Or “annoying” to read about any wisdom on how NOT to be annoying!

The basic Searchable Soul archive of blogs and articles is free. If you would like to upgrade to our Searchable Soul Premium product which includes 10 years of teleseminar recordings, you can do that here. Or you can join Club SWS and have free access to Searchable Soul Premium AND the SWS Video archive!


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