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The SWS Clubhouse on Facebook! 
Members of Club SWS have a place to hang out in on Facebook to chat with other devoted SWS’ers in a private setting.

Downloadable Recordings of Recent SWS Teleseminars

  • Too Many Prospects? Here’s How to Chase Them Off!
  • Responding with Soul to Client Objections
  • Ten Simple Ways to Reconnect with Your SOI
  • Getting It Done
  • Getting MORE Done (Time Management for RE Agents)
  • Ten New Years Resolutions with Soul
  • 20 Ways to Make $100k (or not) in 2018
  • The Secrets of My Success, Session Three
  • + Free Access to recordings of all public SWS Teleseminars since mid-2010!

This Month’s Very Special Offers

  • Get 50% off the SWS MegaToolkit
  • Get 20% off anything (and everything) in the SWS Bookstore.

The SWS Newsletter Archive

Peruse the SWS newsletters from 2008 thru today – there’s good stuff in there!

Sample SOI Mass-Emails

A collection of Jennifer’s real-world SOI emails through the years to give you inspiration for your own SOI mass email campaign.