Making Sense Out of Chaos for Rookie Real Estate Agents

The Sell with Soul School for Rookie Real Estate Agents

The failure rate for rookie agents is staggering. You probably already know that. Depending whom you talk to, drop-out rates range from 70% to 95%. It’s common for first year agents to work for several months (as in, more than two) before seeing a paycheck. The first year can be brutal. Amazingly discouraging. Unbelievably expensive.

Still with me?

Good! It doesn’t have to be that way. Just because a lot of people fail doesn’t mean you will. Just the fact that you’re on this website shows you have a lot more gumption than, well, 70% to 95% of the other new agents out there!

Success in a real estate career is a beautiful thing. This career offers unlimited potential for financial reward, a flexible schedule (eventually) and tons of fun (most of the time). Yes, you’ll pay your dues and you’ll work your backside off, but you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Let us help you get there.

The SWS School for Rookie Real Estate Agents is a comprehensive, integrated program that *includes:

  • Six Weeks of Detailed Assignments designed to get you up & running as quickly as possible!
  • The Sell with Soul Rookie School Assignment Book so you can look ahead or review what you’ve learned!
  • Sell with Soul eBook – the revolutionary book that started it all!
  • Prospect with Soul eBook !
  • BONUS SOI/Announcement Letter Module to help you make the perfect announcement of your new career!
  • Dorky Announcement Letters – DEDorked! A guide to writing a kick-a$$ announcement letter!
  • The Seduction of Your SOI eBook to help you kick off your Sphere of Influence campaign!
  • The Seduction of Your SOI downloadable audio in case you’d rather listen than read!
  • Fun “Field Trips” – dozens of links to relevant blogs, articles and discussions!

Starting with Day One** of your real estate career, this program will guide you day by day through all the projects and tasks you’ll need to complete so that you can be a competent, confident, enthusiastic real estate agent – deserving* of the significant commission checks you hope to receive *soon.

Among other things, you’ll:

  • Begin mastering your MLS
  • Begin mastering your contracts and contract software
  • Begin mastering your market
  • Practice completing a Purchase Agreement (before you have to do it “live” in front of a real buyer!)
  • Practice completing a Listing Agreement (before you have to do it “live” in front of a real seller!)
  • Create a listing presentation template
  • Learn how to properly price homes & prepare a market analysis
  • Choose a Contact Management System
  • Prepare for and holding your first open house
  • Practice presenting your marketing proposal and pricing recommendation to a seller prospect
  • Create your list of everyone you know and make your “I’m in real estate!” announcement (or non-announcement!)
  • … and so much more!

As with all SWS products, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE SWS ROOKIE SCHOOL? Check out the FAQ’s HERE or just email us. We’re happy to help!

Rookie School


* Most real estate training programs focus on teaching new agents to prospect; however, at SWS we take a different approach. We don’t believe that new agents should be prospecting for business until they’ve reached an acceptable level of competency. Therefore the SWS School for Rookie Real Estate Agents focuses NOT on prospecting techniques, but rather on helping the new agent become familiar and comfortable with the concepts and tools of managing a real estate transaction, with the goal of giving the new agent confidence to prospect for business … because he or she feels competent! If you are looking for prospecting-focused training, this is probably not the right product for you, but let’s talk! Maybe we have exactly what you’re looking for, or are in the process of creating it ;-]

**Even if you aren’t brand new, if you’re feeling a bit lost and out of sorts, this program can help you get focused and organized… and back on track!