HALF PRICE FOR MEMBERS OF CLUB SWS IN JUNE: The SWS Mega-Toolkit for Real Estate Agents Who Sell with Soul


The SWS Mega-Toolkit – Everything you need to be the Best Thing to ever happen to your clients… and to your real estate business.

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The SWS Mega-Toolkit for Real Estate AgentsJoin-Club-SWS-md

This is a 100% digital product, so you will receive everything you need upon purchase. Just look for the downloadable link(s) in your purchase confirmation!

This real estate toolkit is unlike any other you’ve ever purchased or considered. If you’re looking for a product that simply provides generic checklists, dorky client letters and Old School listing presentations – well, you’ve come to the wrong place! However, if you’d prefer to use the brains and creativity God gave you to create a real estate business you’re proud to call your own, then dive right in!

Tools for Listing Agents:

  • Listing Presentation
  • Sample Competitive Market Analysis
  • Sample Listing Services Guarantee
  • “What to Expect When on the Market” Seller Booklet
  • Checklist to Evaluate Your Current Listings
  • A Seller’s Guide to Preparing for the Inspection
  • Sample Market Update Letters
  • Open House Checklist
  • New Listing Checklist
  • Listing Under Contract Checklist
  • HOA Questionnaire for the Listing Agent
  • Fluffing & Flushing Checklist

Tools for Buyer Agents:

  • First-Time Buyer Booklet
  • Buyer Questionnaire
  • Home Inspection Information for Buyers
  • Buyer Under Contract Checklist
  • HOA Information for Buyers

Prospecting & Business Management Tools:

  • Sphere of Influence Letters and Emails*Creating a Referral Directory letters
    • New agent announcements
    • General reconnection
    • Seasonal
    • Family & personal
    • “I’ve Moved”
    • Listing & local events
    • Real estate market
    • Yay, Me
    • Miscellaneous
  • SOI-Builder Worksheet
  • 101 Niche Market Ideas
  • 1001 Ways to Prospect
  • 1001 Things to Blog About
  • Sample Business Plans
  • Sample Assistant Duties
  • Vacation Checklist & Letters

BONUS! Dorky Announcement Letters – DEDorked!

Respectful Responses (aka Scripts)

  • “Why should I hire you?”
  • “Why shouldn’t I hire a more experienced agent?”
  • “We were very unhappy with our last agent. What will you do differently?”
  • “Why shouldn’t I FSBO my home and save the commission?”
  • “Is your commission negotiable?”
  • “Why don’t you advertise in the newspaper? Why don’t you advertise in Homes & Land?”
  • “How many of your listings do you sell yourself?”
  • “Agent Mary says I can get $xxxx for my home. Why is your analysis so much lower?”
  • “I don’t want to leave money on the table!”
  • “Buyers can always make an offer”
  • “But I need $XXX to make it worth selling!”
  • “I’m not in a hurry!”
  • “The market is lousy right now; I think I’ll wait six months and see what happens.”
  • “Buyers will overlook the mess”
  • “I don’t want to paint the bedroom/fix the fence/replace the carpet”
  • “We need 24 hours notice for showings”
  • “I think I should be home for showings in case the buyers have any questions”
  • “Will you attend all showings?”
  • “Will you reduce your commission if you sell the home yourself?”
  • “That’s a ridiculous offer! I don’t even want to counter it.”
  • “We must have underpriced our home!” (if it sells quickly)
  • “Why are real estate commissions so high?”
  • “You’re in real estate? Wow. How’s the market?”
  • Objections that should never be “overcome”

* Most of the Sphere of Influence letters and emails are not provided in editable form. That’s because it’s important that your SOI communications are written by YOU, not simply copied and pasted from some toolkit you purchased.  However, the SWS Mega-Toolkit does include Jennifer’s Dorky Announcement Letters – DEDORKED which provides 16 fully editable letters; but remember, the same guideline applies!

Rave Reviews of the Mega-Toolkit

“I just got the Mega Kit In my email and started looking at it. Wow, this is a very very useful kit. This will save me hours of time. It is all in one place.” Marie Cameron

“Yesterday, I purchased The Mega Tool Kit. Wish I’d done so sooner! I’ve already used two items from it so I already feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth in time saved. I’m a rookie agent and just had my first listing come on MLS yesterday. In the process of getting the listing and setting it up for MLS, I have felt how inadequate the training is for realtors considering the responsibility we have. I have been using the SWS books to help shape my practice as I build systems for my business, but it sure is great to have the Mega Tool Kit resources so I don’t have to entirely reinvent the wheel. Your approach and philosophy is such a good fit for me that it’s so easy to tweak the tools to make them my own. Thanks so much, Jennifer for sharing your experience and resources! You have made my first year so much easier!” Deborah Stellingwerff

“I bought the Tool Kit and found it to be one of soooo many missing pieces. I have been in the business 3 full years now and also feel so much is missing from the training. I am sorry to admit I know that icky feeling of learning at the expense of my customers. I vowed to never do it again and was willing to change brokers. I found out that so many brokers are all alike. Then I found Jennifer Allan Hagedorn and there was a light that shown from above. Thank you Jennifer. I encourage anyone looking for that Je ne se quoi to give it a try.” Terri Geary

“In one word – WOW!!! I just finished browsing the Mega-Tool Kit and I am so impressed and inspired. I am a big fan of the SWS products but you’ve outdone yourself this time!! There is a treasure trove of valuable information here and I’ll be recommending it to my fellow Realtors. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” Jill Carlson

“WOW!  WOW!  WOW!    You are incredible!  This is seriously the coolest set of documents ever converged in one place. I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE the respectful responses.” Melissa Brown

“I have to say the toolkit is GREAT! It’s AWESOME!”  Karen Rice

“I love the Mega Tool Kit already and can’t wait to form a version for my marketing. You really encompass a lot of details that I knew I needed and simply didn’t have the right words for.” Christine Blaski 

 “I’ve been sifting through the mounds of GREAT info on the Mega Toolkit; and I absolutely L O V E these scripts for responses that you’ve put together. WOW, some of those hit home….I have had those same questions thrown at me numerous times and never knew the polite, discreet way to respond. I’m printing these off and plan to memorize them!” Tina Thelen

“OMG! I feel like a little kid in a candy store! This is the best Toolkit EVER!” Kimber 







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