JENNIFER’S LATEST! The Exceptional Real Estate Agent Paperback Version


Jennifer’s seventh book, released in paperback form Summer 2017!

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THE Exceptional Real Estate Agent: Because Competence Gives You Confidence
Updated Paperwork Version

The Exceptional Real Estate Agent was written specifically for real estate professionals who want to be the best real estate agent they can be, perhaps even the best real estate agent they know. 

Being the best real estate agent you know doesn’t happen by accident, and it doesn’t happen because you’re “good with people” or “love looking at houses.” No, being the best means that you know your stuff – you know your market, your contracts and your systems. You know how to properly price property for market. You have systems in place to keep you and your transactions on track so that the details are attended to and nothing slips through the cracks. You have a team of great service providers to call upon when you or a client needs reliable, reasonably-priced help. You can solve potentially deal-breaking problems and keep everyone calm, centered and moving toward the same goal.

In short, you’re a great manager of a real estate transaction, one who is worthy of all the business and referrals you receive from your satisfied past clients.

But there’s more! Exceptional Real Estate Agents believe a career in real estate can and should be an honorable profession – one to be proud of, not apologized for. Where competently and compassionately serving their current clients is their first priority; that the buyers and sellers who have honored them with their business deserve their full attention and respect, and any prospecting that needs doing can be done AFTER their current clients are taken care of. Exceptional Real Estate Agents naturally and intuitively run their businesses as professionals, not as salespeople, and never take the business of their buyers and sellers for granted.

In this seventh book in the Sell with Soul family, Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn shows new and experienced real estate agents exactly HOW to Be the Best Thing to Happen to Their Clients. Because you know what? When you are the Best Thing to Happen to Your Clients, your clients will notice…and they won’t be able to keep their mouths shut about your wonderfulness!

In Part 1 of The Exceptional Real Estate Agent, Jennifer discusses the Eight Attributes of an Exceptional Agent, including Market Mastery, Pricing Expertise, Problem-Solving and Negotiation Skills, Great Photography and more.

In Part 2, she continues the discussion by sharing simple, but insightful strategies to present oneself as a competent, caring PROFESSIONAL (not a salesperson) when working with clients and colleagues. And finally, she presents some radical ideas to change the future of the real estate industry, thus assuring its practitioners of continued relevance and value in today’s (and tomorrow’s) business environment.

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