SOI with SOUL Online Self-Paced Version at SWSUniversity: Build a Sphere of Influence Business Model from Scratch – No Referral-Begging or Pestering Required! Updated in 2018

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Are you ready… to SOI with SOUL? To generate business and referrals from your sphere of influence without spending a fortune or pestering anyone?

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Don’t want to cold call or knock on strangers’ doors? Tired of spending your marketing dollars on farming materials or pay-per-lead programs? Starting to wonder if your friends really appreciate your frequent reminders to send business and referrals?


Forget everything you’ve ever learned about prospecting. There is a better way…a SMARTER way…to fill your pipeline and keep it full throughout your real estate career.

SOI with SOUL is for agents who want to succeed, yet aren’t willing to sacrifice their souls – or their friends – to do so.

About SOI with SOUL Online
SOI with SOUL Online is an intensive self-paced program that shows you how to intelligently pursue and attract good business without pestering strangers, wasting your money, or putting your friends on the spot. We walk you through each step of the process of creating an SOI business model — from making (or updating) your list of everyone you know — to choosing a system to manage your database — to developing your SOI Business Plan — to writing your Reconnection Letter. We then help you implement the SOI Business Plan you created with the goal of getting you into the “habit” of SOI’ing with SOUL — so that generating business and referrals from your Sphere of Influence becomes a natural part of your day-to-day!

How the SOI with SOUL Online Program Works
The online version of SOI with SOUL is divided into three modules, and is completely self-paced so you can enroll and participate in the program as your schedule allows. You can do all three Modules one after the other, or give yourself a break in between each to catch your breath.  The first two Modules – One and Two – are rather labor-intensive (and frankly, not much fun), but if once you get them done, we’re pretty sure you’ll be thrilled you did. Module Three is a bit lower-octane (and a lot more fun!), so once you’ve made it through One and Two, you can breathe a sigh of relief… and look forward to having some fun while generating some great business!

Module One walks you through building your Sphere of Influence database from scratch, OR, if you already have a database in place, REbuilding it so that it’s up-to-date and ready for action.

Module Two helps you create your SOI Business Plan (based on what YOU like to do) and write your (Non-Dorky) Reconnection Letter.

Module Three helps you implement the plan you developed in Module Two, creating habits that will help you stay in touch with the people you already know and to meet more people to add to your precious Sphere of Influence database. This is where the fun begins!

The SOI with SOUL Online Program Includes:

–  Detailed Lessons and Assignments provided on a professional grade learning management system platform
–  The SOI with SOUL Assignment Book
–  Links to Relevant Outside Blogs, Articles and Forum Discussions
–  Dorky Announcement Letters DEDorked 2012
–  The Seduction of Your SOI ebook

What to Expect from SOI with SOUL Online

If you commit to and complete all three Modules…

–  You will have chosen and committed to a contact management system and be the proud owner of an up-to-date Sphere of Influence contact database; and
–  You will have created a YOU-specific SOI Business Plan that reflects your unique personality, lifestyle, budget and goals; and
–  You will have written and mailed out an awesome Non-Dorky Announcement or Reconnection Letter to your entire Sphere of Influence; and
–  You will have begun implementing your YOU-specific SOI Business Plan and started to notice that you’re more easily and naturally staying in touch with old friends and meeting new ones!

In short, you will have developed the knowledge, skills and habits necessary to implement and maintain an effective Sphere of Influence business model, for life.

You can read even more about each module below. As with all SWS products and programs, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. 

Please note that we reserve the right to cancel any course or program within SWSUniversity at our discretion; however, we will provide at least six months’ notice which will give you plenty of time to complete your work! 

About Module One of SOI with SOUL Online

You know you need to Do It.

You know you’re losing business and referrals every day you DON’T Do It. Maybe you’re already forking over $35/month for that fancy-schmantzy contact management system you knew you needed to have so you could Do It.  

But… You just haven’t gotten around to Doing It.

But… You will Do It, you promise.

 Mmmmmm hmmmmmm.

The “It” we’re referring to is, of course, getting your sphere of influence contact database (back) up and running so you can get in touch and stay in touch with the Very Important People Who Know you and maximize the chances that your sphere of influence will send you real estate business and referrals.

No, it’s not a fun project. Not even a little bit. Some might even call it tedious. Which explains why you haven’t yet Done It. After all, as some wise woman once said – “The More Fun You Have Selling Real Estate, The More Real Estate You Will Sell!”

But… There really isn’t much of anything fun about choosing a contact management system, making a list of everyone you know, tracking down their contact information, assigning them to groups and categories and inputting all that mess into that contact management system you just committed to that you aren’t 100% comfortable with yet. Nope, not much fun to be had in any of that.

But… Once It’s Done… you’ll never have to Do It again… and you can begin to HAVE all that fun the wise woman promised you, working with people who know you and like you, getting referrals from satisfied past clients, focusing most of your attention on your current clients because prospecting for new ones takes so little of your time.

So… let’s Do It. Together. Let’s take two weeks out of your busy schedule to get this tedious UNfun project DONE and behind us.

Sound fun? 

Module One of the SOI with SOUL Online program walks you step-by-step through the process of getting your sphere of influence contact database up and running and ready for action. If you’re starting from scratch… we’ll start from scratch with you. If you already have a contact database that’s been, um, ignored for, um, a while, we’ll help you clean it up.

At the end of the Module One, you will have:

  • Chosen and committed to a contact management system
  • Created a (or updated your) list of everyone you know
  • Tracked down contact information for everyone on that list
  • Input/updated all the names and contact information of everyone on that list into your contact management system
  • Categorized your contacts into manageable groups and sub-groups
  • Prepared yourself for the next step – creating your SOI with SOUL Business Plan and Reconnecting with Your Sphere of Influence


About Module Two of SOI with SOUL Online

So, your sphere of influence contact database is up-to-the-minute-updated and ready for action! Good for you! 

Ummmm…. What’s next? 

Well, an up-to-date contact database is a dandy thing to have, but it’s not doing you much good just sitting there looking pretty, is it? So, let’s not waste another day and risk another lost shot at some good SOI business. Let’s put that up-to-date contact database to use and watch some magic happen!   

If you’re joining us from Module One of SOI with SOUL Online, you just invested a lot of blood, sweat and keystrokes into getting your sphere of influence contact database into shape so that you can begin getting in touch and staying in touch with the Very Important People who make up the database. I’d hate to see all that effort be for naught, which is exactly what will happen if you simply sit back, admire your work and return to Business as Usual (which, for most agents, unfortunately means that their contact databases are, for the most part, ignored.)  And the worst part? If you take THAT approach, in two years you’ll very likely be back here, starting the process all over again because your precious sphere of influence database has fallen, yet again, into disrepair!

Let’s not let that happen to you, deal?

Let’s take the next steps toward full implementation of an effective Sphere of Influence business model – one where the people you know and the people you meet are inspired to support your real estate business because they know you, they know that you sell real estate, and they know where to find you.

Module Two of the SOI with SOUL Online program walks with you through two more projects – first, creating and developing your SOI Business Plan based on what YOU like to do and are COMFORTABLE doing, and second, writing an awesome, Non-Dorky announcement or reconnection letter to all the people in your shiny new sphere of influence contact database. 

At the end of the Module Two, you will have:

  • Developed an activity-based SOI Business Plan with specific goals related to: 
  •     …. reconnecting with your sphere of influence
  •     …  staying in touch with your sphere of influence
  •     …  meeting new people to add to your sphere of influence
  • Created a simple spreadsheet of your SOI Business Plan (which we’ll implement in Module Three) 
  • Written and sent out an effective, 100% typo-free, NON-Dorky announcement or reconnection letter that you’re proud of and excited about
  • Prepared yourself for the next step – implementing your SOI Business Plan so you can start having some FUN with your Sphere of Influence! 


About Module Three of SOI with SOUL Online

Yahooooooo! If you’re joining us fresh from Module Two of SOI with SOUL  Online, that means that the toughest part is behind you… and it’s time to have some FUN! 

Fun? Yes, fun!

You didn’t think we put you through all that brain damage of SOI with SOUL Modules One and Two just to watch you suffer, did you? Of course not! The goal of the SOI with SOUL program is to get you right where you are now – ready, willing and able to Go Forth and SOI with SOUL, so that the people you already know… and all those people you’re going to meet will be inspired to think of you as a real estate agent they can trust with their precious business and referrals. And what’s more fun than THAT?  

Module Three of the SOI with SOUL Online program rewards you for all your hard work in Modules One and Two by helping you build good SOI with SOUL habits that will stay with you throughout your career. Because the Plan you put together in Module Two was one that reflected who YOU are and what YOU like to do, it will be fun to implement and easy to keep up with. Sure, getting INTO the habit of SOI’ing with SOUL might take a bit of lifestyle adjustment, but we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy it… and therefore be far more likely to keep it going. And, of course, once you start seeing some success from your efforts – well, THAT’s the biggest reward of all!

At the end of the Module Three, you will have:

  • Reconnected with several members of your Group One SOI (and working on the rest!)
  • Gotten into the habit of doing the weekly SOI activities from your SOI Business Plan
  • Created a system for keeping you on track with your Business Plan
  • Planned your first SOI get-together (or related activity from your Business Plan)
  • Gone out in the world with a smile on your face, Being Pleasant to people on a regular basis 
  • Handed out lots of business cards without forcing them on anyone
  • Chosen a mass email delivery system and sent out your first SOI mass email (or related activity from your Business Plan), and…
  • … Created a HABIT out of SOI’ing with SOUL! 


Praise for SOI with SOUL

“This course was incredibly valuable… and at this point, is the cornerstone of my real estate self promotion (without being annoying) efforts… The main components of this curriculum are: 1) Getting that business card near to where you fantasize it to be; 2) Getting serious about establishing the foundation of your database (huge step); 3) The scary reconnection letter; 4) The SOI business plan; 5) AND… Starting a mass emailing campaign (another scary step).

The two scariest parts of this whole enterprise were the Reconnection Letter and the Mass Emailing Campaign… but these activities turned out to be by far and away the most valuable… and valuable in SO many unanticipated ways. Being real estate agents, we’re accustomed to thinking along the lines of ‘leads per unit time and unit resources’ … or leads generated per activity. A simple business equation but maybe kind of sick way to go about life. However, I admit it… I do it myself. But then threw myself into it anyway… And I’m so glad I did because this turned out to be SO awesome… and in so many ways. 

The early results are; yes, I definitely got a few leads… but what I received as a bonus that dwarfed the lead production in importance was an incredible reconnection with my friends and former colleagues. Who woulda thought? Every response I got was warm, engaging, happy to be communicating again… just wonderful on every level. There were even a couple of folks who were disappointed that they didn’t have real estate needs that I could help them with… WOW! I was (and am) simply amazed. I anticipated apathy at best, and at worst, scorn at my transparent self promotion. But this is the coolest thing ever! I don’t understand why civilians (non real estate agents) don’t do this just for fun. Once you lay the foundation (database, CM system), it’s easy… and fun.”  Larry, Santa Cruz, CA


*SOI = Sphere of Influence = A business model that focuses on inspiring the people you know and the people you meet to enthusiastically support your real estate business.



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