The More Fun You Have Selling Real Estate, The More Real Estate You Will Sell!"


Updated and re-titled for 2016!

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Have More Fun and Sell More Real Estate! Join-Club-SWS-md

The first edition of FUN was released in 2010 – but time flies and and it’s time for a new & improved FUN! With a new title and a slightly new look, “The More Fun You Have Selling Real Estate, the More Real Estate You Will Sell” was released in mid-2016. 

The Secret of Joy in work is one word – excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.” Pearl S. Buck

The more fun you have selling real estate, the more real estate you will sell. “ Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn, GRI

What is “fun” exactly? And how do you have some more of it?

Having more fun selling real estate isn’t about long lunches, casual Fridays or bring-your-dog-to-work day. It’s about being really, really good at selling real estate. And knowing it. It’s about being proud of how you promote yourself and your business. It’s about making a comfortable (or even exceptional) income without changing who you are or becoming someone you don’t recognize. It’s about getting up every morning, eager to get to work, because you know you’re the best thing that could ever happen to your clients.

Now that’s fun.

In this sequel to Sell with Soul, Jennifer Allan shows you how to:

• Generate real estate business and referrals from friends without making a nuisance of yourself;

• Win at the Numbers Game without spending a fortune or filling up land-fills;

• Become the agent who SELLS houses, not just lists them;

• Fill your pipeline by productively wasting your time;

• Painlessly and confidently negotiate commissions;

• List more houses by tossing out the listing presentation;

• Trust your gut when choosing a prospecting strategy;

…and of course… have more fun, make more money and enjoy the heck out of your real estate career!


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Reviews of the Original “If You’re Not Having Fun…”

What an inspiring, fun and informative book! Great for newer agents and those needing some new motivation—or even a kick in the pants (done gently, of course!). A perfect companion to my resource Up and Running in 30 Days.”
Carla Cross, CRB, MA Best-selling author of 6 real estate production resources, National Realtor Educator of the Year, named 50 Top Women in Real Estate 2008

While in any walk of life, we must sell ourselves as competent professionals, no one wants to be ‘sold to.’ If you’ve ever dreamed of guiding, advising and consulting with your clients rather than simply hunting them down, Jennifer’s approach is spot on and this book is a must-read for you.”
Mollie W. Wasserman, Founder of: The Accredited Consultant in Real Estate® Course and Coaching Program. Author of “Ripping the Roof off Real Estate – How a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry Came to Have an Identity Crisis”

Selling real estate requires skill, knowledge, character, ethics and heart. Jennifer leads the way in showing Realtors® how to exemplify exactly that!”
Stefan Swanepoel, 15-time Author, Speaker and Visionary

Once again, you nailed it. You give a voice to all the great agents who love what they do and wake every morning ready to be of service to their clients. We help people achieve home ownership; ‘The American Dream.’ And we do it with respect and a servant’s heart. Yes, you bet it’s fun.”
Trish Kraus, Training and Development, Prudential California Realty

If every real estate professional would read Jennifer Allan’s ‘If You’re Not Having Fun Selling Real Estate, You’re Not Doing It Right,’ and actually follow her guidance, there would be a lot more real estate professionals having a lot more fun (and making a lot more money.)”
Dr. Kenneth W. Edwards, GRI, Real Estate Broker/Author/Educator, Author of “Your Successful Real Estate Career” (Fifth Edition)

Throw out all the old-fashioned notions about how to sell real estate! Forget cold-calling, warm-calling, farming, pestering, and other outdated methods. Jennifer Allan gives us permission to go with our instincts and do what we do best: finding out what people need, and helping them get it in ways that are comfortable for us, and therefore comfortable for our clients. Networking is the key, and Jennifer’s guidance makes it easy and productive. Every new and experienced real estate agent will be pleasantly amazed by this book!”
Madge Walls,  Author of “Paying the Price”, an award-winning novel of real estate in Hawaii and “Hawaii Real Estate Exam Book, A Study Guide for the Hawaii Real Estate Exam”

As a real estate agent, author and professor and as someone who has read virtually every real estate agent success book out there, I can say, unequivocally, that Jennifer Allan has written THE BEST book on the topic. All real estate agents, seasoned and new, who want to create a successful practice they actually enjoy, must read this book!”
Tamara Dorris, MA, Author of “Think & Get Rich in Real Estate Sales”

Jennifer takes a no-nonsense approach to our business and has hit the nail on the head by stating the obvious…if you’re not having fun selling real estate, you’re not doing it right! Whether you’re a rookie or seasoned veteran, you need to read her new book. I give it two thumbs up!”
Phyllis Staines, Realtor of the Year 2004 Northeast Florida, Co-Author of “Get the Best Deal When Selling Your Home”

Finally, a book that says it’s okay to have some fun again! Jennifer Allan’s book celebrates the good times in real estate that many of us have forgotten about during the tough times. Her buyers are not liars, and most of her clients are friends or personal acquaintances.

But the book offers more than just feel-good motivational words – there’s meat in this stew. Allan offers tips on subjects ranging from negotiation skills to convincing a buyer that now is the time to buy to listing presentations to how to develop and maintain your sphere of influence as your main source of business.

‘Making gobs of money is fun. Getting steady streams of referrals is fun. Being a master negotiator is fun. Solving problems is fun, Being an exceptional real estate agent is fun.’

And reading this book is fun too because it doesn’t sound like a textbook, but rather more like advice from a friend.”
Jim Adair, Editor, REM Magazine

When you love what you do, you never have to work. Jennifer shows you can have it all AND become successful. Not only does she give you great tips and techniques, she presents it in and enjoyable way. A very pleasant business-building strategy book!”
Tom Gosche, The Business Strategist, Executive Director, BNI Marketing

I just finished reading your second book, and I LOVED it! It’s chock-full of useful information. I found myself thinking ‘Wow, that makes so much sense!’ throughout the book, and there are many dog-eared pages. Thanks for sharing all of your experience and insights with us. Someday, I hope to have as much confidence as you do, and I hope to be as successful as you are! You are our Obi-Wan in soulful land!”
Melissa Brown,

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