Sell with Soul: Creating an Extraordinary Career in Real Estate without Losing Your Friends, Your Principles or Your Self-Respect


Buy the book that started the Soulful Revolution! Personally autographed by the author, this book may just change the way you look at a career in real estate.

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Buy the Book that Started the Soulful Revolution!

The simple definition of Sell with Soul is: “To enjoy a wildly successful career selling real estate treating clients and prospects respectfully, as you Join-Club-SWS-mdyourself would like to be treated.”

However, the Sell with Soul philosophy goes much deeper than that and centers on four interrelated principles of success: Respect, Competence, Confidence and Enthusiasm. Respect your clients, BE a competent real estate agent, KNOW you’re a competent real estate agent, and love your job. If an agent Sells with Soul, he will attract business to him without ever asking for it, giving him much more time and energy to focus on the clients he is honoured to have today, rather than always searching for the clients he hopes to have tomorrow.

While the third edition contains all of the information found in previous editions, it has been updated to reflect the the realities of today’s real estate professional.


“Thank you so much for sending a copy of your excellent book “Sell with Soul.” The content is super and it is beautifully written. You have definitely raised the level of our industry with this book. Thank you for referencing me in the book – I’m very honored to be mentioned.” Larry Kendall, Creator of Ninja Selling

“This book is absolutely amazing! I was in a continual search for finding the right book that
seemed to fit me exclusively . . .well, I found it!! I will be taking the state exam very soon, and I feel ready
more than ever to pursue this dream of mine! I always wondered how I would manage in Real Estate. But thanks to you, you’ve showed it can be done ” Angela Harris, Dallas NC

“I am reading every real estate-related book I can get my hands on, including big names like Ferry and Keller, and by far, have found your wonderful little book the most useful, helpful and entertaining. It is packed with information that is not taught in the real estate course and that is invaluable to a new agent. I can’t say enought good things about your book. I admire your professionalism, your heart and ethical conduct; you are the agent I aspire to be once I am in the business.” Jamie Carlson, SK Canada

“I just stumbled across a website about two weeks ago that had a few excerpts from your book. I was intrigued, so I ordered a copy. I could not put the book down! It resonated deeply with me and since then I have noticed a huge change in my business. I’ve been a realtor just over a year, and of course was trained in the Old School methods of farming, listing postcards, etc. – same old, same old. I surely am not one to do cold calls or knock on doors – but I DO like to have fun!

Right away I knew your teachings were right up my alley, and I implemented several things right away. The most important was to declare that I was now open to the universe providing me with sellers who were offering nice homes or lots, and buyers who actually had money. You would not believe how many clients have magically dropped in my lap since last week! And the lunches with friends – oh, yeah!!

My whole paradigm has shifted and it’s all due to your book and the refreshing new way of approaching real estate. I am SO very excited, and actually bounce out of bed each morning and can hardly wait to get to work! So I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your book!! You have changed my outlook on life!” Peg Belcastro, Homer, Alaska

“Jennifer, I bought your book and gobbled it up! I absolutely agree with your philosophy, and I think that it shows the other side of this industry in a stark contrast. Great job!” Michael Pulskamp, Amador County California

“…the writing style is engaging and the content excellent” Jacques Werth, High Probability Selling

“Not only informative and highly readable, it’s witty, charming and a good read, even for a non-real estate person. Jennifer really draws you into her world and makes you interested in it. Real estate her way sounds as if it’s fun and rewarding – a great career.” Julie Baswell, Kansas City KS

“I love your book so far! Very entertaining and encouraging for a brand new agent! I hope to become more like you.” Tarayn Comer, Birmingham, Alabama

“Sell with Soul should truly be required reading for every real estate agent. Jennifer shares her rise from a nervous rookie agent to a successful real estate broker in this warm, witty and relatable guide. This book is an answer to every new agent’s daily quandary: “What do I need to do today to succeed and how do I do it?” Nicole Lincoln, Houston TX

“I absolutely LOVE the book! I’m half way through, taking notes with just about everything, and have learned so much … I apologize for going on and on, but I’m just so darn excited with your book! Thanks for your wonderful insight to the whole real estate profession!” Mary Whitaker, Clyde OH


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