SoldFor Sale Signs Don’t Pay the Bills (that’s what SOLD signs are for)

Thankfully, real estate markets across the country are recovering; some even booming! Yee haw! But that doesn’t mean that listing agents can sit back, relax and wait for offers to roll in.


Even in a seller’s market, we listing agents owe it to our sellers to take the process of marketing their home seriously. While it may be a bit “easier” to get homes sold these days, there is still plenty we can (and should) do to ensure our sellers get the highest price with the least amount of hassle. In ANY market, it takes more than the 3P’s* to do the job our sellers are paying us to do! It takes communication. It takes expertise. It takes creativity. It takes… well, good old-fashioned common sense and hard work!

Most real estate training programs focus on helping you to GET listings, but few help you actually SELL them for top dollar once you GET them. Well, we here at Sell with Soul think that SELLING your listings is pretty darn important, not only for your financial well-being, but also for the general well-being of our economy, not to mention the overall perception of our industry.

*3P’s – PUT your sign in the yard; PUT it in the MLS; PRAY


Jennifer Speaks
Building Rapport with Your Seller



Jennifer Speaks
Radio Interview with Real Estate Radio USA: Justifying Your Listing Commission
(this one gets a little contentious!)


Jennifer’s Blog: “I’m the Best Listing Agent I Know!”

During the Real Estate Radio USA interview (see above), I made the comment “I’m the Best Listing Agent I Know.” Arrogant, eh?

Not really. It’s not as if I said “I’m the prettiest girl I know” or “I’m the smartest girl I know.” It’s more along the lines of “I’m the hardest worker I know.” It’s a choice.

I choose to be a terrific listing agent. It’s not a God-given skill or something I was lucky enough to be born with. It’s a choice.

I choose to spend time (and gas money) properly pricing my properties. I choose to have relationships with exceptional home stagers and responsive home improvement contractors. I choose to be respectfully upfront with my sellers as to what they need to do to help me get their homes sold. I choose to own a great camera with a wide-angle lens. I choose to write killer MLS descriptions and ensure that they are accurate. I choose to work for a company who offers a 7 day/week showing service and to pursue feedback from all showing agents. I choose to frequently update my seller on the competing market activity. I choose to build and maintain rapport with my sellers so that they trust me when I offer advice and recommendations. I choose to keep my brochure boxes full. I choose to be prepared for and attend my appraisals. I CHOOSE TO CARE MORE ABOUT THE CLIENTS I HAVE TODAY THAN THE CLIENTS I HOPE TO HAVE TOMORROW.

I’m a heckova listing agent. Are you?