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Yes, Introverts Can Succeed in Real Estate!

You’re a real estate agent… and you’re an introvert. Are these two terms contradictory? Not necessarily! To be sure, not all introverts will succeed as real estate agents, but then again, neither will all extroverts. Selling real estate is a tough way to make a living, but it can be wildly rewarding if you figure out a way to make it work for you.

And that’s what we’re here to do – to help make YOUR personality, your strengths, your talents and yes, even your perceived ‘flaws’ work for YOU in your real estate career.

I’m an introvert thru and thru, and proud of it, so don’t worry! We’re not going to put you though a Self-Improvement Course to change you into an outgoing social butterfly. Phooey on that! You’re wonderful the way you are; trust me.

The Reluctant Prospector

What, exactly, is a Reluctant Prospector? A Reluctant Prospector wants to bring business her (or his) way by using the brains God gave her (or him) instead of blindly following the crowd (most of whom are headed for failure).
A Reluctant Prospector considers the impact of her prospecting techniques on the intended audience and refuses to engage in activities that belittle, patronize or annoy the person being prospected to.

A Reluctant Prospector can make a good living selling his product or service, yet sleeps well at night, and bounces out of bed every morning delighted to get back to work.

A Reluctant Prospector commits to being exceptional at what she does, and therefore knows she is the best thing that could happen to her clients and prospects.

Does this sound like you? Do you love what you do for a living, but dread the task of drumming up new business? Do you find that your intentional self-promotion efforts seem to be a waste of time, or even work against you? Would you be deliriously happy if you could just DO YOUR JOB all day long and not have to worry about where your next client or customer is coming from?

Yes? Then you are SO in the right place!

Because the Sell with Soul philosophy was created by a fellow Reluctant Prospector, just about everything you find here will resonate with you. Although my ideas and teachings fly directly in the face of everything else you’ve ever been taught about a successful real estate career, you’ll intuitively know that they’re right… for you.

Being a Reluctant Prospector isn’t something to be overcome or apologized for – no – it’s something to celebrate!

Jennifer Speaks
The Real Estate Therapist Interviews Jennifer About Selling with Soul


Can Introverted Real Estate Agents Survive in Today’s Market?

Denver, Colorado – It’s common knowledge that you have to be an extrovert to successfully sell real estate. Charismatic, charming, outgoing… a real people-person.


“Not so,” says Jennifer Allan, a real estate agent, author, trainer and proud introvert. In fact, Allan claims, introverts can sell circles around their extroverted colleagues, as long as they stay true to their personalities.

How can that be? Isn’t a sales career best suited to those with naturally salesy dispositions, who enjoy, as some might say, belly-to-belly interaction with the public?

Yes and no, according to Allan. She explains. “A true sales career, where the salesperson is actually selling a product over and over again probably requires a bit more moxie or aggressiveness than is comfortable for the typical introvert. But a career in real estate is much more about managing a complicated process from start to finish and keeping everyone calm and committed during that process. As real estate agents, we don’t really sell anything; rather, we act as advisors or consultants to our clients. There is very little actual selling going on.”

“What we do,” Allan continues, “requires skills that come much more naturally to an introvert. We research, we analyze, we listen, we advise. We organize. We identify and then solve deal-breaking problems. We interact one-on-one with clients, prospects, lenders, inspectors, appraisers and other agents.”

So, why are introverts typically dissuaded from a career in real estate sales? Allan explains that while introverts can certainly be exceptional real estate agents, they often fall short in their prospecting efforts, thus dooming their careers. “We aren’t natural prospectors, in a traditional sense. We aren’t comfortable asking for business or taking the chance that we’ll annoy someone with our sales pitch. When we try to implement the prospecting methods we’re taught by our real estate trainers, we fail miserably because those methods simply don’t mesh with our personalities.”

But Allan claims that introverts can generate plenty of business for themselves without venturing out of their comfort zones. “I’ve enjoyed a very successful career for twelve years by being exactly who I am; a reliable, organized, creative, respectful, empathetic introvert. I do very little prospecting; rather I have taught myself how to attract business to me without ever asking for it. It’s a beautiful way to make a living.”

Allan’s students agree. “Jennifer has a sixth sense when it comes to introverts,” says Kelly McDonald, a real estate agent in LaGrange, KY. “Her indirect approach to generating business has helped me feel more confident as a real estate agent. I can attract business without feeling like I’m harassing anyone for it.”