Samples of Jennifer’s SOI Mass-Emails

As you may know, I’m a big fan of communicating with my sphere of influence with what I call “mass emails.” What’s a mass email, you ask? Well, as described in Prospect with Soul, a mass email is “an email you send to your entire sphere of influence (or segments of it), but the “voice” of the email sounds as if it’s written to each person individually. In other words, it has more of a personal email feel than a newsletter or other obviously mass-generated promotional piece.”

The goal of your mass emails is not just to help your sphere remember you. It’s to help them remember you FONDLY. And to inspire them to respond to your email, thus starting up a conversation which could lead to all sorts of wonderful things.

Here are a few* of my favorite SOI mass emails through the years.

Doom & Gloom in Denver? Nah  (also a reminder of daylight savings time)

It’s Finally Summer in Denver!

And I Thought I Was So Smart… (an email expressing my frustration with the holiday card mailing process)

Denver Dwellers – Have You Gotten Your First Ticket Yet? (a reminder about street-sweeping day)

*A complete list of all my SOI mass emails is available to Club SWS members. For details on membership, go here: