Real Estate Transaction Checklists Will Change Your Career… and therefore your life! I’m serious!

Ahhhhh…is there anything more exciting than a checklist?! A transaction checklist even?!

Actually…good checklists can change your career as a real estate professional, and therefore, change your life. Once you have great checklists in place, you’ll wonder how you ever provided Exceptional (not to mention refer-worthy) service without them!

But surprisingly, the vast majority of real estate agents admit they do not use checklists on a regular basis and instead rely on sticky notes and/or, egads, their memory. And THAT is a recipe for disaster. Not only are you more likely to drop the ball on your transactions (and thus create a situation where your client is unhappy with you and/or you get to open your checkbook to fix your dropped ball), but you may consciously or subconsciously doubt your ability to handle more clients and therefore, consciously or subconsciously, sabotage your business!

Let’s not let that happen to you.

As much as you may be resisting the idea of putting in the time to create your own transaction checklists, please trust me that if you, you will NEVER regret it. And for that matter, I may not leave you alone until you do 🙂

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