SWSDoes Your Real Estate Agent “Sell with Soul?”

“What, exactly, is “Selling with Soul” and why should I care if my agent does it?”

If you’ve found your way to this webpage, it probably means that your real estate agent is what we affectionately call a “Sell with Soul-er,” commonly abbreviated as an “SWS’er.”

And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with new age philosophies, holier-than-thou attitudes or some new dance fad. Selling with Soul is simply a colorful term for playing by the Golden Rule in a real estate business — by doing unto his or her clients as the real estate agent would like to be done unto. “Doing” real estate competently. Respectfully. Intelligently. Ethically. Soulfully.

Real estate agents who Sell with Soul truly want to be the best thing that could ever happen to their clients. They’re far more interested in taking great care of the clients they already have, rather than aggressively pursuing the ones they hope to have in the future. They’re smart enough to know that if they impress the heck out of their buyers and sellers, those buyers and sellers will be happy to sing their praises to everyone they know, thus enabling the Soulful Agent to devote most of his or her time to continuing to serve, instead of prospect.

Are Soulful Agents perfect? Nope. But their pursuit of excellence and sincere desire to serve the client is a breath of fresh air, especially in today’s tumultuous real estate market!

So, if you’ve chosen to work with an agent who Sells with Soul, we thank you. We appreciate your support of our mission to improve the public’s perception of our industry and to provide exceptional service to those who honor us with their business!

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