About Sell with Soul™ – The Book

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Sell with Soul is part rookie-survival-guide and part call-to-action for the real estate community. The 233-page highly motivating book contains detailed instructions and checklists for many of the situations a new real estate agent will encounter, such as working with buyers, marketing listings, and negotiating inspections. Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn also shares more than 60 stories from her own career—some positive and others true-life learning experiences—that will save the new agent a tremendous amount of time and money figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

Sell with Soul also speaks out against the status quo. Jennifer describes the differences between the “Old School” philosophy of real estate thought and her own “soulful” philosophy. She asks agents to consider the needs of their clients first, before considering their own personal need for a paycheck. She counsels them to welcome every “learning experience,” even when the experience does not result in a closed sale. She urges new licensees to strive to be competent and knowledgeable before they ask the general public to honor them with their business. BUY IT!

About Sell with Soul – The Philosophy

The simple definition of Sell with Soul is: “To enjoy a wildly successful career selling real estate treating clients and prospects respectfully, as you yourself would like to be treated.” However, the Sell with Soul philosophy goes much deeper than that and centers on four interrelated principles: Respect, Competence, Confidence and Enthusiasm. Respect your clients, be a competent real estate agent, know you’re a competent real estate agent, and love your job. If an agent Sells with Soul, he will attract business to him without ever asking for it, giving him much more time and energy to focus on the clients he is honored to have today, rather than always searching for the clients he hopes to have tomorrow.

Who is This Book For?

New Agents

Sell with Soul, Creating an Extraordinary Career in Real Estate without Losing Your Friends, Your Principles or Your Self-Respect will help new or newer real estate agents build their businesses fast without making too many rookie mistakes. It’s for agents who want to succeed, yet aren’t willing to sacrifice their soul to do so. Who know in their heart (and soul) that something is wrong with the advice of the Old School masters, yet worry that they might not be successful unless they follow it. Simply put, a guide for new licensees who want to become extraordinary real estate agents.

Experienced Agents

Experienced agents who are looking for some fresh ideas to light a fire under their career will also find this book valuable, especially if they’re suffering from a lack of motivation and need a new reason to go to work in the morning. Many seasoned agents are just one more crashed deal away from burn-out. While you may not need help learning the rudimentary functions of your job, the ideas and strategies in Sell with Soul may help you regain your momentum and enthusiasm. Isn’t it worth a shot?

Relocating Agents

When you relocate to a new market, it’s almost like starting over. You have to Learn Your Market, Build Your SOI and all those other fun “learning experiences” you thought you’d never have to go through again. Even if you’re an experienced pro, Sell with Soul can help you tremendously during your transition.

Message from Jennifer…

Jennifer AllanI wrote Sell with Soul to help change the general public’s perception of the real estate community from the inside out. If all agents were to embrace the Sell with Soul philosophy of competent service and respectful attitude, it wouldn’t be long before the profession of real estate would be a career to be proud of, instead of apologized for.

Sell with Soul is full of humorous anecdotes, outside-the-box advice and step-by-step instructions to many of the issues that face the new and experienced agent. Included are more than two dozen examples of my own (often embarrassing) mistakes for your reading enjoyment, along with some success stories to inspire you.

I hope this book revs you up a bit. I hope to inspire your creativity and perhaps even ruffle your feathers. Many of my outside-the-box ideas fly straight in the face of traditional real estate thought and practice. Ignore them if you like – or change them around to fit your personality. Thousands of agents succeed without using the Old School methods of cold calling, open housing and farming… and you can too.

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